Wednesday, August 28, 2013

our little zo-zo.... my, how you've grown!

Happy 5th Birthday to our most favorite daughter EVER!
Zoey, it's amazing how much you have changed over the last year to become a beautiful and thoughtful young lady. You always clean the house without being asked, are always more concerned about others having a good time than yourself and you always make sure everyone feels welcome wherever you are. You love art, crafts, cooking, cleaning, annoying your brothers, putting Elijah to sleep, carrying Jacob on your back and cuddling with daddy. You always keep your room spotless and help mama with all her responsibilities each and everyday. You want to be a teacher when you grow up, and we know you would be amazing at that! For your birthday you wanted art supplies and "girl" legos. We couldn't be more proud of you if we tried. Your heart for worship challenges us daily and we know God has incredible plans for you, girl!!!

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