Saturday, August 24, 2013

good-bye summer. you have served us well.

What a fun summer!!!
Only complaint is that it went waaaaayyyyy too quickly.
We did so many fun things....
  • Zoey took her 1st ballet class and looked so cute in her leotard. She knows all her positions and is extremely flexible.
  • Isaac finished his 1st karate lessons and can now defend himself and me from stranger danger. Kiai!
  • Zoey learned how to swim and can swim the length of the pool by herself. She loves to swim underwater.
  • Isaac can do a full-front-flip on the trampoline, can get to the top of our climbing rope like a navy seal and has mastered the monkey bars.
  • Chris put up 3 new swings on our play-scape, so almost all of the kids can pump on their own. No more "underdogs" needed!
  • Both Isaac and Zoey can do pretty good cartwheels. Zoey is close to doing it one-handed.
  • Jacob is now sleeping without a crib. He can climb in and out of it in record time.
  • Elijah is now going on the potty daily. We are not potty-trained yet, but it is in our near future.
  • Isaac and Zoey can quote almost all of Ephesians 6.
  • Isaac can now vacuum out the pool on his own.
I am going to miss having my days with all 4 of my kiddies. It has been so much fun learning, playing and hanging together. I am excited to have some more individual time with my babies, though, I do have to say. Good-bye summer.... Hello school-time craze!

Here is the video of Isaac (Zoey's didn't come out well due to her brothers screaming.) We missed a verse at the end, but I am so proud of how much he remembered!

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