Thursday, August 15, 2013

i'm not significant.

I've always struggled with this "significance" issue.
I frequently ask the questions, "Is what I am doing right now making any significance in the Kingdom of God? Am I, Lori, significant in the Kingdom of God, or could anyone do what I am doing, and do it much better?"

I have been stuck in the book of Isaiah for months.
I can't peel my eyes and heart away.
It has spoke to me in ways lately that have been life-saving.

This week I read Isaiah 49, with an emphasis on verse 6.
"Is it too small a thing for you to be my servant..."


Is serving God in any capacity, not significant in itself?
When you are a true servant, isn't your movement and posture of one to make your master more significant?

Just my daily re-focus from God that I wanted to pass along.

1 comment:

April Maus said...

thanks for sharing that Lori, you are always challenging the rest of us to keep pressing on toward the prize...and you ARE significant!

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