Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Oh my word!
I was re-reading the post I made a couple of weeks ago about "Zoey's moment" in the car, and I clicked on the link to the song that moved us in the car.... TOTALLY WRONG SONG!!!!! I can't believe no one in my family asked why I was playing that song????

Here is the song that I'm pretty confident I accidentally linked:
(It's a wonderful song... just not quite our style)

Here is the song I MEANT to link:

Does it make a little more sense now?


denise said...

lol how funny! I tried to check it on my phone but it wouldn't load. So I never was able to see what it was (or wasn't). It was so sweet though!!!

Alyssa said...

That is weird, when I first read your post it had the correct song attached. Oh, internet! ;)
Anyway, I loved the story! I hope I can experience similar times with my own children one day.

Crystal Kohl said...

The correct song WAS attached because I remember liking it! I'm not sure how your link changed, but it was right at some point! LOL

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