Sunday, April 7, 2013

Her Moment.

It was a real moment.
One I will not soon forget.
We were driving to church... listening to this song.
All of a sudden I hear Zoey call my name.
I could tell she was crying.
"What's wrong baby?"
Then she said something that struck my core.

"While I was worshiping to that song, I started to cry because I love Jesus so much. He is good all the time and he died for my sins."

We had just then pulled up to the church and Chris had come out to help me with the kids. She shared her encounter with him, still very choked up. We all were choked up.
She is our worshiper and is very sensitive to the leading of the Lord.

He is real... and He made Himself known.
Not because we prodded or pleaded or manipulated.
Simply because He wanted to.
For that I am forever grateful.

I was trying to record her talking about it.
We got the basics.


MEg said...

Seriously crying Lori. What a great story!

mrsbongiorno said...

that is the sweetest!

Justin said...

Awesome!!! Worship, to me, is Gods most easily accessible love language.

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