Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Carlson tradition is starting to get a little crowded.

We spent the weekend with my family in Frankenmuth.
It's a tradition we started years ago for my dad's birthday.
We were all unable to spend the night last year and just came up for the day.
This year we purposed to do it right.
It was a lot different this year....
8 adults and 9 kids (6 of them 2 yrs or younger).

I wasn't able to get many pictures, and since my sister Keri is our designated family photographer, I'm hoping to get some good ones from her.


Keri said...

you got GREAT pictures!!! I LOVE that video! I will post some of my pictures too when the kids go to bed.

Crystal Kohl said...

Wow! David and Jonny look so much alike in that first photo. I'm not used to that! Those new haircuts must be the trick!

denise said...

I love it!

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