Monday, October 15, 2012

our 1st progress report for 1st grade.

Well, we are well into Isaac's 1st grade year of elementary school, and it has been a blast. This kid LOVES to learn, which is a wonderful trait he inherited from his father. He has made a lot of new friends and is already bringing home work that I swiftly hand to his dad to handle. Who knew you would have to figure out the mass of something in 1st grade? This week was his first progress report from his teacher (marks the 1/2 way point until parent/teacher conferences) and he was stars all around. He is such a great kid, and although I try my hardest to mask the pride I have for my little man, I have to say that he brings us so much joy for the good choices he has made already in life. I love that my son is now starting his collection of cheesy, posed school pictures! I made him promise that he would show his toothless smile in his school pictures... it's way more fun later in life to have pictures that you can giggle at.

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