Wednesday, August 29, 2012

yes, God is still in control.... even in 1st grade.

I was starting to experience a panic attack.
I thought 1st grade would be SO MUCH EASIER than Kindergarten.

The problem: Isaac transferred to a new school in our district and will be taking the bus.
The solution: Visit the school with the kids and cast my cares upon the Lord.

We walked in and were welcomed by the nicest office lady in this world.
She gave us a wonderful tour... the 1st grade classrooms (complete with smart-boards), the beautiful art room, the amazing music room, the HUGE gym, the fun science Olympiad room, the updated computer lab, the cool lunchroom, etc

The lunch-lady asked us who would be attending the school and I replied "All of them, eventually." Such a weird feeling.
I can't explain it... because it wasn't anything I saw.... but I had a peace.
In fact, that peace quickly turned into excitement.

Why do I always worry?
You would think by now I would remember that God is always in control... especially when we are not.
So here's to a brand new school year, in a brand new school.
Isaac can't wait to meet new friends on Tuesday!

Sidenote: Part of my panic started when I read an amazing post from a mom whose son went with Isaac to Violet last year. He told his mom he couldn't wait to "tell his friends about God this year." THAT'S the kind of friend I wanted Isaac to have so that they could make a difference together in their school! WHY DID WE TRANSFER HIM?? Then it hit me.... maybe that's one of the reasons he is transferring... maybe he is needed in this school to tell his friends about God this year, because God already has one at Violet. Just some of my thoughts....

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Tina said...

Lori, I had such a similar experience. I swear sometimes you write posts I could have written with just different names & locations. Love reading your blog.

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