Sunday, August 12, 2012


I mentioned before that Isaac will be attending a new school this year for 1st grade because of our move. The thing that bothered me the most about this transition was all the incredible friendships both Isaac and I made, and having to face the fact that the time allotted for those last year would not be the same for this upcoming year. There are a few friends that have added so much to his life... and their beautiful moms have added so much to mine. Kristen and I were pregnant at the same time and met out of our sympathy for each other. We ended up carpooling each others kids and texting each other for prayer throughout the week. Crystal's son and Isaac went to Preschool together, so it was a relief when they ended up in the same class at Violet Elementary. We ended up getting to know each other's families much better this past year and she is now getting ready to have her 3rd child. (She is one gorgeous pregnant lady!) 

I am so grateful that we have stayed in contact over the summer and that our boys are still able to hang out and do life together. Tonight we celebrated Skylar's 6th birthday at CJ Barrymores. The boys had a blast, but I think the parents laughed harder than the kids! Thank you ladies for continuing to be a blessing in my life.... God had perfect timing for your friendship!

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