Friday, January 13, 2012

time flies when you have 4 kids...

Some new things going on in the Bunk household:
  • Jacob smiled for the first time this morning... the real kind of smile! The best part was it was when Isaac was holding him and we were all there to see it!
  • Isaac lost his 2nd tooth. This one didn't just fall out, so our brave little man worked it until it came out. We were very proud of him.
  • Zoey is learning so much and is now coloring inside the lines. I caught her doing it the other day and was shocked. She also beat both Chris and Isaac in a BeyBlades tournament they had and is now going around the house saying "GIRL POWER!"
  • Elijah can pull himself up onto almost anything and is starting to say new words. His sign language is expanding as well. His favorite thing to do is wrestle and is tackling Zoey to the ground all day long. She is not amused. This kid keeps me on my toes!
  • Chris and I still laugh all day long at the craziness of our house... but wouldn't have it any other way. We are constantly wiping up milk spills, breaking up Nerf sword wars, trying to find bottles and changing diapers.... we love it, just could use a little more sleep. We both moan when the alarm goes off in the morning (and by "alarm" I mean one of the kids yelling our name).


Keri said...

i love their shirts and im glad u finally got a picture with the kids in them!

btw - i can totally relate to ur last point. it sounds like our house.

denise said...

awe so cute!!!

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