Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Airport Adventure.

My parents LOVE missions.
In fact, as long as I can remember, they have had a deep passion and longing for the world... especially 3rd world countries. We took short-term missions trips with them once a year when we were younger, but now that we are all grown, God has launched them out more and more and it seems like they are gone overseas as much as they are here. 

Last night they were coming back from a17-day trip to Sierra Leone, Africa. I was in charge of finding someone to pick them up. I knew before they left that I wanted to do it myself.... 17-days is a LONG time! Well, after talking to the rest of the family, we fought about decided that we would ALL go to get them from the airport. (and by ALL I mean 5 adults and 8 children). So we all hopped on the church bus and headed out to Metro Airport. It might seem crazy, but you get all the best stories on the way home from the airport!

I love my parents.
I am so proud of them for following the call of God.
I'm only slightly jealous of the places they get to go and people they get to meet.


Tina said...

how fun! jealous. jealous of you all living near family & of their missions endeavors. how neat! love the new stars & header too.

April Maus said...

aww I love this idea!! How wonderful :) I'm so glad they are home safe and sound!

denise said...

So cute! Welcome back to the USA to your parents! I agree with Tina, I am jealous of you living near family :)

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