Sunday, January 15, 2012

there is always a glitch

{this picture was taken back when Elijah had his big fall out of the car}
Since Jacob has been born, I probably hear the phrase "You have your hands full!" at least once a day. It's a true statement. I definitely always have my hands full. I had a conversation at church the other night with another mom who was asking me how it's going. I told her it's going great... until there is a glitch... and with 4 kids 5 years and younger there is always glitch.... and by "glitch" I mean things going downhill fast.

I could give an example of how our Sunday mornings go, but instead I will just say that I'm learning some great character traits with this new family of 6 and all of our fun glitches:  
1}flexibility   2}patience   3}grace
I'll tell you one thing... I definitely couldn't do this alone. God knew me inside and out when he brought Chris into my life.  I mean, this guy watched all 4 kids yesterday (I had a youth activity at the church), fed them, changed them and still found time to clean the entire house!

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Life with Linda said...

I think Chris is AMAZING!!!!

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