Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I love the Listography books. I think they are so neat to capture thoughts and look at them years later for a good laugh. I always tell my students to write lists of things they desire now (what they want in a husband/wife, what kind of dad/mom they will be, what things will be important to them 10 years from now) because no matter how certain you are in them now, they will bust a gut later on realizing that your
whole perception has changed.

Here is the listography question of the day:
(I want to hear YOUR answers too!)
If you could be friends with anyone,
who would you choose?

  1. Charles Colson
  2. Ravi Zacharias
  3. Meryl Streep
  4. Michael Chiarello
  5. Shawn McDonald
  6. Bobbi Brown
  7. Mac Powell
  8. Jill Briscoe
  9. Nicky Cruz
  10. David Nasser


Life with Linda said...

1. Rick Joyner
2. George Bush
3. Bill Oreilly
4. Sarah Palin
5. Glenn Beck
6. Mike Bickle
7. Lori Carlson

lori bunk said...

well, lori carlson doesn't really exist anymore, but lori bunk is already one of your best friends!

Nina Bunk said...

1. phil wickham
2. tom colicchio
3. clint eastwood
4. robert redford
5. marc jacobs
6. anna wintour or grace coddington

my list is so lame i am not putting anymore up!

joey fatone...oh wait we are buddies! hahaha

hisbelovedlizc said...

1. Jesus (oh, wait, He IS my friend!)
2. Joyce Meyer
3. A.W. Tozer
4. Richard Wurmbrand
5. Mike Huckabee
6. Linus
7. Lori Bunk

Kathy said...

1.Mike Bickle
2.Michael Brown
3.Scott Volk
4.Rick Joyner
5.Joyce Meyers
6.Misty Edwards
7.Julie Meyer
8.Kari Jobe

Life with Linda said...

ahem.....You will always legally and otherwise be "Lori Carlson".
so there.

also reminds me of one time when your Dad was introducing me to a visiting Linda Carlson...hA HA


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