Thursday, July 30, 2009

Family Field Day

Tonight was our FAMILY FIELD DAY and the Carlsons and the Maus' were ready for action. Although we love each other very much... I'm not too sure this particular night we emphasized family unity.
It was kill or be killed. SO much fun!

From Left to Right:
"Big Papa", "Lil' Mama", "g-LORI-ous", "Bam-Bam", "Bunk the Hunk", "Cookie MOM-ster", "J-Killer", "Sir Lance-A-Lot", "Pebbles", "Ker-azy", "Big T Slick"

From Left to Right:
"Squirrel", "Moose", "Irish Fayeth", "Bobfather", "Zia", "Thing 1", "Thing 2", "Biggie", "Punky", "Haus"
We started the events off with a sack race...even the kids got involved.
I'm pretty sure Zoey brought home the win!
Then it was off to the 3-legged race. I think Chris and I might need to go to marital counseling after that. I think I embarrassed him when he had to drag me across the finish line. He decided to make Isaac his partner.
Then we had the balloon toss and the balloon launch.
The famous pie-eating contest. The boys were so excited to stand there and stare at their pie, but none of them wanted to get their faces dirty.
...except for my husband. He KILLED the pie eating contest and then it was all downhill from there! I should know by now to not leave any messy thing unattended!

Nate enjoying all the "BAKE OFF" entries

Although the "BAKE OFF" mysteriously ended in a tie, Stephanie did bring home the win for most votes on her dessert "Maus Reward Cake." Joel-n-Steph had a special meeting to come up with that amazing name... brilliant!
Zoey enjoying the tunnel... her mother, on the other hand, did not. Remember the days where you could breeze thru a fabric tunnel? Those days are long gone, my friends!

Remember... it doesn't matter who wins or loses...
Except that we totally kicked butt!!!!
... Until next year!!!


MEg said...

oh my gosh that looks like so much fun!!!!

Michael said...

I think you guys should start a reality show

Crystal said...

this seriously brightened my day!! zoey in the sack was hilarious!

Jaimie said...

This may be one of my favorite things I've ever seen!!! I LOVE that your family does that...what a blast!!!

denise said...

LOVE it all!!! So funny. The shirts, Zoey, the pie, the smack talk, the baking - you guys have so much fun!

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