Monday, July 6, 2009

Did I really write that???

I am in a VERY LONG process of organizing our basement and it seems to never end. The best part is finding things from the past that I have forgotten about and tonight's find was HILARIOUS! For Valentine's Day in 2000 I made Chris a journal, answering important questions about our future. We had just gotten engaged and I was obviously overcome by love or just plain delirious! Here are some of the things I wrote...

What are your personal goals for becoming a wife?
"I always want Chris to be able to come home to a clean house. I would love to also have dinner ready, maybe even with candles, every night that we are home. I would like to always greet him with a kiss when he walks in from work. I want to look my best for him so he is always attracted to me. I never want him to regret spending his life with me."

What are some of the things you both have in common?
1. smoothies
2. buying CDs
3. always having to be @ church early
4. Arbys
5. cheat @ all games

What will be your rules to follow for a happy married life?
1. Never yell @ each other unless the house is on fire
2. Never meet without an affectionate welcome
3. Whenever you do wrong, promptly ask for forgiveness
4. Yield to the wishes of the other as an act of self-discipline

What will your life be like 10 years from now?
"Chris and I will be a very happy couple. We will be involved in the church, while raising our adorable kids. We will have a cute house with fun toys in the backyard, by the sandbox. Of course we will be driving around some kind of truck. We will do family devotions every night as we tuck the kids into bed. Chris and I will always be in love with each other and our time together will always be very special. We will always take time to cuddle and talk- maybe about our day, maybe about the kids... who knows?"


Jeni said...

WAIT!!!! are you telling me married life is NOT like this??? ;)

ninabunk said...

i don't know what lori is talking about, every night i meet matt at the door with a big kiss and a glass of ice tea! while my well behaved children are sitting at the table waiting for their father!

Life with Linda said...


the irony of course is that Grandma Neva actually did these things as a wife....

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