Monday, July 14, 2008

Champions For Life

Yesterday Chris and I went up to set up for Champions For Life Kid's Camp. It's such a weird feeling leaving everyone up there excited to meet the kids... at this stage of my life I AM SO TORN! I couldn't wait to leave to go and see my baby, but it was hard to say goodbye, knowing my teens were up there ministering to an incredible group of children. I have a feeling this is how my life will be now... always wanting to be at 2 places at once. I do have to say that my swollen feet this morning helped me appreciate being home!

Champions For Life Kids' Camp

(While posting, I got a call from my mother at registration. Everything went perfect and they have all the kids loaded on the bus and ready to go... now I am bummed again!)


Life with Linda said...

Aha. You are simply forgetting that you are ALSO on the mission field while at are pouring into little Isaac's heart...and from that He is learning just how big & wonderful GOD IS. Never, never, never diminish the importance of a mom at home. You are blessed to be able to take a day here & there and minister to other kids, as well....and of course you can pray for them from anywhere. SO put those feet up and hug your little guy and enjoy it!

Jennie Brady said...

i was at Memorial Park today and georgie was playing with some kids that were part of SCS day camp. i walked over to check on him and was shocked to see Gabby and Joey from our very first year (Royal Family back then). they looked great and were playing nicely and seemed super happy. warm fuzzies from God. i can't be at camp, so He reminded me of the seeds we have already planted. likewise, the seeds you've planted in the youth will pour into those kids this week.

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