Saturday, June 7, 2014

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

My son had his Spring Concert last week and the theme was The Underground Railroad... awesome, right? His music teacher is AMAZING. Anyway, they sang "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and it was beautiful. It came up in our car ride today...

Isaac: "Mom, is Mrs. Jaimie going to have a gravesite?"

Me: "Yes... but remember that's not really her in there... her spirit is no longer with her body."

Isaac: "I know... you keep saying that."

Me: "I just want to make sure that you really understand that... it's one of the most beautiful parts of being God's creation."

Isaac: "Can I sing part of my concert song to you? I feel like it talks about that."

Me: "I would love that!"

Isaac: "I looked over Jordan, and what did I see? Coming for to carry me home, A band of angels coming after me, Coming for to carry me home. Swing low, sweet chariot, Coming for to carry me home, Swing low, sweet chariot, Coming for to carry me home."

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Keri Sheerer said...

wow. love.

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