Monday, June 23, 2014

You Make Me Brave.

You make me brave.
There is something so paradoxical about singing that while you are huddled in a corner of the kitchen trying to hide your violent tears from little eyes.
I don't feel very brave.
Unless brave feels the same as broken.

You make me brave.
You only need bravery when there is fear, danger or impending doom.
That sounds about right.
I would add in-conquerable insecurity... that takes guts to stare into.
What was Peter feeling when Jesus called him to be brave?

You make me brave.
I'm not heroic, valiant or courageous.
But I can be reckless... and I've seen Jesus use reckless.
I've seen Him pour His power through the desperate, the frantic and the furious.
It's Him.
He is the brave One.
I just trust His hand will be there when I begin to drown.

You make me brave.
Is it true?
Can You make me brave?
Will You make me brave?
Please, make me brave.

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