Thursday, March 20, 2014

for him, just a story... for me, a prayer answered.

We were driving home from church last night when I heard Isaac call my name.

Isaac: "Mom, I have a friend at school whose aunt is in the hospital. Her heart is working, but her brain isn't."

Me: "Really? That is so sad. How did you know about it?"

Isaac: "He told me."

Me: "Did he tell the whole class, or just you?"

Isaac: "Just me. It was weird, he said that he felt like he should tell me."

Me: "Why do you think he felt that way?"

Isaac: "Probably because he knows I pray."

To him it was just a story from school... to me it was an answer to prayer.
I hid the tears pretty well in the darkness of the truck, and I'm pretty sure he never knew. I'm confident it was God's little way of reminding me that His light will shine through my kids, even when they are unaware.


Tina said...

This boy! Such a tender heart! Nearly crying with you, mama.

Keri said...


denise said...


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