Thursday, January 2, 2014

ramblings: our home.

Our Home.
It's full of life.
Fights. Sarcasm. Hugs. Shoves. Passion. Laughs. Worship. Tears. Yells. Tickles. Dancing. Creativity. Time-Outs. Jokes. Feeling. Boo-boos. Songs. Strength. Encouragement. Assistance. Pain. Cheers. Whispers. Unconditional Love.

I think the interesting thing about our homes is that we experience all things in this sacred place. It's the place I have felt the highest high and the lowest low... laughed till my gut burst and cried because my heart broke. I have asked God my deepest questions kneeling at my fireplace and have felt His presence the strongest laying in my bedroom. I have prayed prayers of salvation, healing and peace on the floors of kid rooms and have paced my front room in cries of desperation to God for days. We have discovered the adventures of Moses and Elijah tucked in the covers of our bed and have danced songs of joy in our family room with the speakers about to blow.

It's here that we experience God in real time... in real life.
I pray that our home continue to be a place where God can reach us... touch us...
and ultimately live with us.

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Tina said...

Love this post, Lori.

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