Saturday, January 25, 2014

and in all things... session 49

Things I am thankful for on January 25th, 2014....
  1. Psalm 77:14-15
  2. Friends who speak God's truth into my difficult situations
  3. God's promise of healing, restoration and comfort
  4. My new devotion journal
  5. Baby gut giggles in the early morning hours
  6. My Thermos water bottle with sip lid... I'm not a fan of straws & squeeze bottles!
  7. Sibling affection... unprovoked
  8. The beauty of snow
  9. My husband's tenacity to learn new things
  10. The turnout of youth we had at our last Encounter Prayer Mtg last night from 8pm-minight.... teenagers praying instead of partying... love love love.

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