Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ramblings: i haven't had coffee yet, so this one is a doozy.

As children of God we talk a lot about our callings.
We seek God in prayer, immerse ourselves in Scripture and request the insight of mentors to find out what the will of God is for our lives. We realize the importance.

Maybe..... just maybe.... God not only has a plan for each of His children, but has placed us strategically in family units because those gifts and passions work together to fulfill the calling God has for the family as a whole.

The church, on a large scale, has done a somewhat poor job at encouraging those callings in fellow families and has erred on the side of competition, judgement and comparison. It seems as though because we deal with a guilty complex most of the time, we find more time to explain why that family is doing it wrong, than seeking God on how we can do it right.

Where is this coming from?

Well it comes from discussions on...
-why certain schooling solutions are more holy.
-how job endeavors add or take away from the real parental mission.
-when is the most Godly time to hold on -or- to set free.
-who should be the loudest voice in a child's life at certain age brackets.

and the list goes on and on....
(I don't even have the energy to mention the discussions you have when your child is an infant.... who knew God's entire eternal plan for a child's life could be altered because of supplemental formula)

I tend to always lean toward simplicity, but to me it's uncomplicated.
Seek God. Obey His leading. Change the world.
and to be completely honest, I believe in a God who is big enough to do the impossible in each of us... whether we study at home, at a private institution or a public school.

So I pray that I stumble on the side of grace, love and support... that my arms wrap around and encourage God's plan in others instead of pushing it away because it's different than mine. We all benefit from following God's lead and seeing others abort their God given mission, no matter what it is, should grieve our hearts and evoke encouragement, advocacy and intercession.... not malice, pride or self-justification.



Tina said...

Last night in our small group I added, "yes. Someone was just recently saying to me that perhaps we are all set in certain places/families, etc for purposes, using our particular set of skills, convictions." And I remembered today, that it was this post!! Not someone I was talking with. Oh how the social lines have blurred! I wish we could chat on this. I know one thing, I sure get a yucky feeling about exclusivity & judgement.

Keri said...


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