Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Field Trip: Deneweths Garden Center

Today we went on a special field trip to Deneweth's Garden Center with Zoey's Preschool Class. Despite the fact that it was during the time the boys would normally eat and nap, we made the best of their crabbiness and tried to stop and smell the roses... or the orchids... either way. It was slightly frustrating that I couldn't give my little girl some undivided attention (individualized attention is a delicacy around these parts), but I was glad that I could still be there to show her support. She got to see how all the machines run, plant her own flower and she even informed me that she saw a flower that looked like it had bones (I was chasing baby boys around the watering cans at that point). I'll tell you one thing... those flowers definitely put me in the summer spirit!

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