Tuesday, November 15, 2011

random thoughts as I try to drink my coffee before it gets cold.

(The picture isn't that great.... really dark phone pic that I tried to lighten!)
Today is a day that I am home with my little ones.
One of the last days it will be just us 3.
These 2 have made my life so interesting.
They both think so differently than Isaac.
It's been fun to see the "mothering" side of Zoey come out when it comes to her little brother. She is always letting me know what he is doing and if he is being safe or not. I also hear her talking to him like I do, "Elijah, we do not spill our milk on the floor!" It's neat to see her take responsibility for him and do her best to take care of him when she thinks I'm busy. This will help me out a lot when the new baby boy comes next week.

Oh yeah, I'm having another human being join my family next week. I keep forgetting.
I am so thankful for Cozi, Coffee and Wet Wipes... all which make my life so much more manageable.

I think it's fitting that we are most likely having this baby boy the day before Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for!!!!

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