Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a mega-dose of reality.... as usual

Last night during our family dinner, Isaac had something he wanted to tell his dad.
(Hoping I get the quotes as close as possible to real events...)

"Did you know that eels have electricity? And did you know that if an eel is up in space and touches an astronaut space suit they will get electrocuted and will fall over?"

As as fast as he could spill out his incredible space theory, I could see Chris' eyes getting bigger and bigger. Isaac had no idea he was about to get a dose of reality. I knew Chris couldn't contain himself... especially if the story had to do with electricity.

"Isaac, that story is impossible. First of all, an eel could never live in space...they can only live in water and they wouldn't be able to breathe in space unless they had a space suit too. Secondly, an astronaut suit is not conductive, so if an astronaut had it on, the eel couldn't electrocute him at all."

I gave Chris the "way-to-crush-his-creativity" look and he gave me back the "he-needs-to-know-the-truth" stare. I quickly glanced back at Isaac to make sure that his imagination was not crushed forever.

"Really? I didn't know that dad. Does the astronaut need to wear gloves too?"

Like father, like son.
Zoey and I are going to go play fairies and princesses in her room.

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Life with Linda said...

love....thanks for sharing your wonderful family life! ( i miss Fb just a tad)

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