Saturday, September 21, 2013

happy birthday lijee

Happy 3rd Birthday, our sweet Elijah!
Lij, how can you possibly be 3 years old already? You bring so much joy to our home and you are always the 1st person to give me a hug and make sure I am alright. You love being home and being with your family more than anything else, and it really disturbs you when one of us is missing. You love to play hockey in the backyard with your brothers, your alias is spiderman and you give the best kisses. Your laugh makes me laugh and I love the way you want to know "why" everything is done the way it is. You love playing with your Lego sets, watching Wild Kratts, and most of all rolling around on the ground with Jakey. You keep us grounded, little man, and it always brings a smile to our face that you love being in our family more than anyone. You are our gatherer. You are full of compassion, even at a young age. You love without measure.

1 comment:

Nina Bunk said...

ok wait a minute your kids are aloud to watch wild kratts?? zoey told me she wasn't aloud to watch them, i was so confused!!!

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