Saturday, January 26, 2013

brother and sister

These 2 fight like crazy.
They fight over who is gets to ride the "car" and who has to ride the "firetruck."
They fight over positions on the couch.
They fight over who touched who, who said what, and why I ALWAYS take the other person's side.
They fight over food.
They fight about toys, trinkets and coloring books.
They fight about games, videos and even spots at the table.

They are brother and sister.

Then something in the air will change....
A miracle will appear from the clouds of glory....
A distant angel will sing the Hallelujah chorus....
and I'll hear them laughing, playing and truly enjoying each other.
I take those moments to hide behind corners and doors to get a glimpse of what it is truly like to have a brother and sister relationship... and I thank God they have one.
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