Monday, December 31, 2012

and in all things... session 42

Things I am thankful for in 2012...
  1. Philippians 1:6
  2. LOTS OF SNOW!!! (for those of you that do not know Chris and I very well, fall is our favorite season, with winter being a very close 2nd)
  3. Friendship. Community. Unity. Vision.
  4. The INCREDIBLE men/women of God that I get to do ministry along side. It's amazing what can happen when there is a common goal, but many different giftings.
  5. Family.... you know, the people you can truly be yourself around... the ones who challenge you to be a better person just by being in your life.
  6. Unconditional Love.
  7. Time to watch my little ones grow... and wonder.... and think... and problem solve... and fight... and cuddle... and dream... and explore.
  8. "...and the two shall become one"- one spirit, one mind, one vision, one mandate.
  9. Coffee.
  10. This song. (it's an oldie... but made a major impact on my alone time with God during times this year that were very draining)

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