Thursday, February 18, 2010

ohhh pregnancy... I remember you.

I love being a mom.
I love having kids.
I even love labor.
I'm just not a big fan of pregnancy.

I have finally received some help from my doctor to ease the pain of the 1st trimester and I am very grateful. Now it's time to wrap my brain around adding another child to this crazy life. I'm realizing that with each new addition, I get a little more realistic on how life is going to change.

Because I have been so sick, my children haven't had my undivided attention as usual which really bums me out. I was so excited I had some really great down time with Isaac tonight as we read the Bible before bed. I'm not sure whether he was just trying to stay up later or not, but I found myself yelling for Chris to come and help me answer all of his questions. We were cracking up because we were speechless for some of them. Let me know if you have any great answers for me to give my son!

Questions from Isaac:
1. Why did God make a storm for Noah but stop the storm for his friends in the boat?
2. Why didn't Jesus try to talk to Goliath to make him love him?
3. Why are angels invisible?
4. If angels are really big and protect us, then why are there pictures of baby angels with little wings?


Keri said...

yaaa i'm glad you are blogging again - I have been missing your blogs!

Life with Linda said...

1. God likes to do things different, so you will get to know Him really good and trust Him always.-Aunt linda

Jaimie said...

i LOVE his questions!!! Goliath gets me every time - ever since Drew told the extended family that "he came to fight them in the name of God", lol!!! The last one is my favorite. Here's my take - just like little guys can do big things, little angels can do big things. God gave them big power:)

Anonymous said...
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SaRaH said...

so true Isaac! why do we portray angels as babies? Ridiculous if you think about it...

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