Tuesday, June 9, 2015

...and 2014/2015 is a wrap!

This has been an incredible school year.... 1st and 3rd grade are such pivotal points in education! It's been fun seeing how much my kids love learning and they have grown so much!

Isaac had a wonderful year. He was voted to be on Student Council and did an incredible job planning events and promoting teamwork at school. He also made the honor roll with all As and received the MEA Award from the city for his artwork. He was the fastest boy in Run Club and winner of the 3rd Grade Jump-4-the-Heart. He was in charge and ran the top reading group in his class for Mrs. Bigham and even got to be Principal-for-a-Day. We are incredibly proud of him and all the time and effort he puts into things.

 Zoey flourished in 1st grade. She was the only person in her class to stay on GREEN the entire year (for character/behavior) and her teacher, Mrs. Crowder, said that she had the perfect balance of humility and leadership in her classroom. (The 1st grade teachers also dubbed her "best dancer" during the dance sessions the girls would have during recess.) She never missed one session of Run Club and was 1st grade winner of Jump-4-the-Heart.... we are so proud of all she did this year!

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