Saturday, May 3, 2014

I just let my son do WHAT?

As a mom, there are just those moments... you know the ones.... where time freezes and you wonder where all the time went. Today was one of those. Isaac's friends from school came by on their bikes and asked if Isaac could come with them.
I said yes.
There were rules... no main roads, stay in the subdivision, watch for cars, don't go in anyone's house, don't be gone for long, don't ride around by yourself, etc.
He smiled and started to pedal away.
I ran in the backyard to tell Chris what I had done and he just stared at me with a nervous smile. We knew it was time... we knew it was going to be fine.... we also knew that our son was growing into a kid, an actual kid... no more little boy... and doing things that we did as kids.
Can I be honest?
I was smiles the whole time he was gone.

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