Tuesday, November 19, 2013

one of those nights.

Tonight was just one of those nights.
They always seem to fall on the times that Chris has to work late... go figure.
I won't run thru the list of mishaps, but I had HAD it.
I kind-of lost my cool.
I had to find it quickly.

I called a Family Team Meeting after the teeth were brushed and the baths were done. They all jumped in my bed, hesitant to see what they were in trouble for. I shared with them how I felt we were falling short of our potential as a family and that we could be hindering what God wants to do through us by the way we were treating each other. I paused to see if they were getting any of this, when my oldest raised his hand to say something. He asked if he could pray for our family so that we would always please God. He got it.
The prayer was sincere.... focused... incredible.
He told everything to God that was in my heart, but said it much better than I ever could... and I know God heard each word.
The others followed suit.... much more literal.... just as sincere.
 I knew God was showing me something.
Something I keep forgetting.
 God uses their faith to strengthen mine and their love to challenge mine.
Seems like God always uses those nights to be THOSE nights.


Tina said...

Did you really, Lori?! At your wits end, you had that constructive chat? Amazing! I hide in the bathroom or laundry room. But I was inspired by your post, and have had a few rational

lori bunk said...

oh no... i completely lost it before i had that constructive chat!! the reason i had it is because i had to apologize to them about how i was acting... and then challenged them to change. God's working on me!!

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