Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I have a confession....

I have a confession to make.
I eaves-dropped on my husband.... for over 1/2 hour.
I called him to see what time he would be home, and he accidentally answered his phone in his pocket. He had good reason. From what I gathered, he was in the middle of troubleshooting a machine that was pretty important to the owner, and fixing it was vital. 

I couldn't hang up.
I had to hear this interaction.
I wanted to see what he was like at work.

Here are my conclusions:
  1. Eaves-dropping on your husband is border-line creepy.
  2. My husband works his butt off.
  3. His job is both physical and mental.
  4. He has integrity no matter where he is at, who he is with or what he is doing.
  5. He is brilliant.... seriously, brilliant.... and listening to the way people rely on him to have all the answers is remarkable... hearing him come up with them is even more impressive.
  6.  I am a proud wife.

1 comment:

April Maus said...

I don't know why this brought tears to my eyes, but it did...I love it when they (our husbands) make us even more proud of them while they are working as we are when they are with us. You've got a GREAT guy Lori, you are blessed!!

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