Sunday, February 24, 2013


2 Corinthians 9:7 - Designed by Whitney CPBG (@whitneycpgb). Also available as a print here. 
Today was one of those Sunday morning services that hits you right where you need it. I was challenged so deeply to be more generous, give more freely and to not hold back from sacrificing for others. My husband is amazing at this. He gives until it hurts. He's the guy that will pay for another tables dinner at a restaurant, or have me anonymously send a needy family in our church some money in the mail. When he gives, even out of our own need, he is quick to remind me how blessed we are, and how it is our job to bless others. I am learning a lot from him... how to listen to the prompting of the Lord, how to be quick to give, and why it is important that we see it as giving the Lord. So my challenge this week= give to someone who can never repay... and give as unto the Lord.

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