Monday, May 14, 2012

he is 34 years old... i've been by his side for almost 20 of them

Happy 34th Birthday Christopher!

 34 reasons I adore my husband Chris....
  1. He is the hardest working man I know.
  2. His generosity is unprecedented. 
  3. Everything is a dare. 
  4. You can ALWAYS make him laugh. 
  5. His hilarious laugh when he is watching animals attack people on TV. 
  6. The way his eyes light up when you make his favorite foods.
  7. His need to know how everything works. 
  8. The way he hogs the bed... and the comforter. 
  9. The way he adores his daughter.
  10. The pride he has in his sons.
  11. He treats me like I am the best thing God ever made. 
  12. His sense of adventure. 
  13. His love for life... and the way he has passed that on to his children.
  14. His faithfulness.... to everything.
  15. The way he drops everything to help someone he loves... or just met.
  16. His ability to remember random facts about arbitrary things.
  17. His love for Biblical history.
  18. The way he dramatically gags when he accidentally drinks my coffee with cream in it.
  19. That he acts like he hates our goldfish, but is the only one who remembers to feed him. 
  20. The way he challenges my Theology degree by making me prove everything I say!
  21. His brain is always working overtime to figure things out.
  22. That he calls me "Lori Carlson" if I do something he doesn't feel earns me the Bunk name.
  23. His love of recliners.
  24. The way he never compromises truth... for anyone or anything.
  25. His ridiculous collection of pencils.
  26. His obsession with tools.
  27. That he always wants his kids around... and loves when they are climbing all over him.
  28. That he can fall asleep anywhere, and very few things can wake him up.
  29. The way he always breaks down my insecurities.
  30. His humbleness.
  31. His preference to hang out with the kids at a party, and never the adults.
  32. His way of always inventing new ways to have fun.
  33. The way he is always up for anything.
  34. The fact that although he is always growing and bettering himself... he has always been the same incredible guy I married over a decade ago.


Life with Linda said...

He is amazing, and we love him too

denise said...

so beautiful. Happy Birthday Chris!

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